Not all fellow travellers have morals

After complaining about how I hate being hoodwinked & shortchanged, lo & behold, someone in my dorm steals my purse with €250 in it. I am so mad. What sort of low life does something like that? I generally have good karma but I know that money is long gone. I wish the thief nothing but terrible karma to come from my hard earned wages & kindly appreciated tips.

I am now a little anxious with the rest of my beloved belongings. I don’t think I could cope well if anything else gets stolen. So much for a cheap break to morocco. There goes my flight to New York *sigh*

As usual I will convince myself that it was my fault so I have to deal with it, it could have been much worse & that it’s only money, I still have my health. All fair arguments. All not bringing me my money back. I have some very strong words I want to scream & seek justice…. Instead I will wallow in a smelly room *sigh*

My roommates have purchased big leather bags. The room fucking stinks. I can taste the leather & it tastes disgusting! It has certainly put me off buying a new handbag, not that I even have the funds for it to be an option anymore.

Everything is annoying me tonight. It is freezing cold again. There is no toilet roll. The pillows are uncomfortable. I’m skint & have been robbed. I’m at a bit of a low right now.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Morocco. I will have some orange juice for breakfast, visit the spice souk, read my book, get a tagine for lunch, nap in the sun, visit another hamman, eat something delicious for tea & chill out in the evening. Sounds perfect! Bring on a better day!

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