“New Year Resolutions” – 1 month on


New year resolutions – What a pile of crap. Every year we all go through the ritual of summoning our will power to aspire to be healthier, exercise more & achieve our goals. Fuck that bullshit. This year I shall not be buying into a week of highly motivated good intentions for them to waver & me to spend the rest of the year wallowing in self loathing guilt & worthlessness. None of that crap anymore!

I still want to do resolutions because I find them to be beneficial & self enhancing. This year I’ll be breaking down my resolutions to 12 bite size manageable projects. Nothing too strenuous or demanding. Just a programme of mini well being self improvements. Perfect!

In January I committed to the #take12trips challenge. Once a month I shall be going on a trip may it be to a town I haven’t visited, a trip to the spa or a country halfway around the world. Perfect! I have a feeling I could do this challenge by default as my parents say my life is a holiday. My first trip was to Morocco. Upon discovering I had a week off I quickly got on to http://www.skyscanner.com (my favourite flight finding website) & booked a flight to Marrakech for 2 days later. This is certainly a new years resolution I will endeavour to keep.

In February I am researching skin care in a bid to invest in & overhaul my skin. I am indulging in skincare vlogs & a skin care education courtesy of the one & only Caroline Hirons. *grovels at her feet* http://www.carolinehirons.com I urge you to check her out if you want excellent product reviews & no bullshit skin care recommendations. My friend is coming over from the uk & will be packing a great deal of coveted skincare goodies for me! As if I can afford anything in Switzerland with the Swiss Franc in it’s current state!

In March I am hoping to take up running! I am actually looking forward to this! I am planning on getting new trainers as soon as I get paid & I may even start running earlier than planned!

I’m feeling very positive about my deconstructed resolutions. In previous years I would have tried & failed by now but here I am, feeling good! Positive! Happy.

Long may it last! …..I shall keep you updated.

Have you made any new year resolutions? Have you kept them? Have you come up with an alternative way to manage them? Please let me know in the comments below 🙂

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