I resolve to do better….

My New Year Resolutions are not going as perfectly as I predicted….

#take12trips was scuppered in February by my lack of a trip. Yes, in my second month *sigh* I don’t even think I left the ski resort in February. It’s a busy month & I have a never-turn-down-work policy. Plus I moved house twice just to suck up any free time I had. I don’t know why I insist on challenging my peaceful calm nature with constant, unnecessary hassle. Maybe my April resolution should be to take care of my wellbeing? – Please encourage & support this in a bid to salvage my sanity! I’m still optimistically hoping to keep this #take12trips resolution by taking 2 trips in March to make up not going anywhere in February? Is that cool with you guys? This a resolution I REALLY want to keep.


My February skincare resolution is still in full swing! I invested (heavily) in (atrociously expensive) skin care products & my skin is feeling happy as a result. Washing my face (aka double cleansing, exfoliating acid, serum & maybe a moisturising mask) is now a delight. My skin feels loved, hydrated & healthy. This mortgage payment feels worthwhile & I am blissfully convincing myself that these products will last for at least half a year… Self deceit is one of my many self administering coping mechanisms.


My March running resolution started quite well. I was super keen to begin this resolution early but heavy snow, moving house & that 31 hour straight that I worked kind of hindered me time wise. Finally I went running on the 28th February to kick start my resolution. I should have packed a defibrillator. Only I can self harm in a manner that seems outwardly healthy & positive. Running for the first time in nearly a year, I went for hill sprints in the alps in minus temperatures after a 13 hour work day. Fuck my life. I coped & mentally it wasn’t as bad as I physically expected it to be. I can’t begin to explain how clear the sky was or how amazing the stars looked. As if I needed anything else to take my breath away. I really feel blessed in the alps. Blessed & out of breath.

As much as I enjoyed my run(ish) I am not confident running will continue as routinely as I hoped. I am currently completing a 16hour working day & the rest of the week is looking quite similar. As enthusiastic & motivated I am about running, I really need my sleep to get through the long days. I have to keep misery to an absolute minimum! & I’m not going to beat myself up about this or call it a fail (see possible April resolution in the first paragraph).

Here’s to trying harder, being better & continuing to smile

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