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I am a sports rehabilitator trying to carve out a life in this world. I am convinced that my first step to settling down is finding my ideal location - this means I must travel & visit every country in a quest to find my favourite home. Time consuming, yes. Adventurous & character building, most definitely. This little Irish traveller is working at ski resorts, on super yachts, as a nanny, masseuse, stewardess. Join me on my adventure as I country hop, survive & discover life. Please note that suggestions are welcome!

I resolve to do better….

My New Year Resolutions are not going as perfectly as I predicted…. #take12trips was scuppered in February by my lack of a trip. Yes, in my second month *sigh* I don’t even think I left the ski resort in February. … Continue reading

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Dear Skype, I love you

I bloody love Skype. Another highly cherished ‘enabler’ in my world of travel. Without Skype I don’t know if I could go for long periods away from my family & ‘home, home’ (aka my original home where I keep homing back … Continue reading

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“New Year Resolutions” – 1 month on

New year resolutions – What a pile of crap. Every year we all go through the ritual of summoning our will power to aspire to be healthier, exercise more & achieve our goals. Fuck that bullshit. This year I shall … Continue reading

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Not all fellow travellers have morals

After complaining about how I hate being hoodwinked & shortchanged, lo & behold, someone in my dorm steals my purse with €250 in it. I am so mad. What sort of low life does something like that? I generally have … Continue reading

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*Dusts off backpack* *Throws backpack away*

As lovely & absolutely wonderful as home is…. I’ve booked flights to Thailand! It has been over 10 years since I had the backpacking bug & I forget what it feels like! I know I love it, I never fell … Continue reading

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Holy shitballs, i’m aging…

I’m turning 30 in a matter of minutes & I am the epitome of an emotional wreck. My mind is replaying the phrase ” I am not where I want to be at 30.” I don’t know how true this … Continue reading

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